The first sunrays are reaching from just below the horizon. The blue hour, or Hora Blava in Catalan. MMD007 is released on Miteinander Musik, Trinidad's family homebase where they previously released their EP "L'Oiseau" among others. Having played Hora Blava as a part of their live and DJ sets for a while now, the three Trinidudes now each made their own version that takes dawn from the open sky to the club.

The Original Mix is a try to reproduce the first light of the morning. Marc lives out his affection for 303s, 808s and after-hours, Lukas brings back his alter ego Noiseberg for a focus on the melodies and Dominik aka Story of Tides live remixes the track through high and low tides.

Label: Miteinander Musik, MMD007
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 2018-06-19